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Space One and Shimizu Begin Construction of Rocket Launch Facility in Wakayama Prefecture  [2019年11月26日]

Image provided by Space One

Tokyo-based satellite launch company Space One held a groundbreaking ceremony on November 16 to construct the nation’s first rocket-launch facility owned by a private company in Kushimoto-cho, Wakayama Prefecture. Shimizu Corporation has been commissioned to build the facility. Executives of relevant companies including President Kazuyuki Inoue of Shimizu Corporation and Governor of Wakayama Prefecture Yoshinobu Nisaka attended the ceremony.
“Shimizu is participating not only as a contractor but also as a business operator, and we have high expectations from both inside and outside Japan. We would like to do our best for the successful launch by the private sector." said Mr. Inoue after the ceremony.
In addition to Shimizu Corporation, Space One's shareholders include Canon Electronics, IHI AEROSPACE and, Development Bank of Japan.
The rocket launch complex will be named “Spaceport Kii”. The basic design of the first rocket will be completed by the end of this year and a test will begin next year. The first aircraft launch is expected be in 2021.
Chairman of IHI Tamotsu Saito said “we aim to launch many cost-competitive rockets. It is expected to expand satellite businesses such as infrastructure inspections and traffic surveys.”