Mitsubishi Estate Building Japan’s First CLT High Rise in Sendai City

2018年9月19日 WorldWide


Japanese developer Mitsubishi Estate is constructing the nation’s first high rise using cross laminated timber (CLT) in Sendai City. The wood/steel structure, designed and built by Takenaka Corp., will rise ten stories when completed. 230 m2 of CLT floors and walls are used in the 3,600 m2 apartment building, the largest ever built in the country using timber structure.

Takenaka’s fire-proof laminated timber “Moen-Wood” which has been certified by the infrastructure ministry was adopted in pillars of the 2-10the floor, while CLT floor panels are used on the 4-10th floor. “It takes less than three hours to install twenty four floor panels. CLT can reduce the cost and the time period until completion,” said an employee of Mitsubishi Estate. (2018/09/13)