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Japanese Chemical Company Kuraray Develops Cooling Vest for Outdoor Workers, Athletes  [2019年9月26日]

 Japanese synthetic fiber and chemical maker Kuraray announced that it has developed a vest with a cooling device in the bottom of the neck which are designed to lower body temperature of construction workers, athletes etc. It is considered more energy efficient than large devices such as an air conditioner. The company plans to begin trial sales of the product in summer 2020. The vest use water-proof artificial leather “Clarino,” manufactured by the company in the outer lining. A device circulating cool water is attached in the bottom of the neck. With the vest worn over a shirt, it can cool down by from five to fifteen degrees in the summer. The device can operate for two to four hours by a battery. Stretching fiber used in the vest allows workers and athletes to move freely. The product was jointly developed with Tokyo-based sensing technology company WIN Human Recorder and air conditioner maker Fujitsu General. (2019/9/20)