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Toko Electrical Construction Company Opens Office in Hanoi, Vietnam  [2019年9月26日]

Japanese electrical work contractor Toko Electrical Construction Co. held an inauguration ceremony on September 13 of Hanoi Office in Vietnam. Chairman Sakae Bada, President Hiroaki Aoki and many local and international guests including Hanoi Industrial and Export Processing Zones Authority (HIZA) celebrated its opening.
Chairman Bada addressed the ceremony, saying “since establishment of Thai subsidiary 30 years ago, the company has constructed Japanese factories overseas. We aim to expand overseas business in a full swing.” “Hanoi has many construction opportunities such as manufacturing plants of electronic and machinery makers, and has also development plans of smart cities. We will strengthen studies and information collecting based on the new office in Hanoi,” said President Aoki. The company established a subsidiary in Ho Chi Minh in 2017. (2019/09/24)