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Nishimatsu Construction and Saga University Develop Improved Version of Cable Inspection Robot for Bridge  [2019年11月19日]

Nishimatsu Construction and Saga University announced that they have developed an improved version of the self-propelled inspection robot for cable-stayed bridges which were jointly developed before. An optional device that can measure the amount of water in the protection tube of the cable was developed. It will improve survey accuracy by assessing the risk of corrosion of cables
“Korokoro Checker” uses a remote wireless operation to allow the robot to move along the protective tube and survey the surface conditions with four internal cameras. It can decrease the risk of high-place work and enable safer and more efficient inspection. The robot has been adopted at five cable-stayed bridges with a record of 15,000 meters of diagonal cables inspected.
The optional machine measures the amount of water in the protective tube to determine whether or not the cable-stayed bridge is damaged. It is towed by the robot and continuously measures while moving using the diagonal protection tube as a guide.
The company aims to further improve the accuracy of investigations, such as the development of functions that can grasp not only the moisture content inside steel but also the corrosion of steel. (2019/11/06)