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2020 Tokyo Olympic Village Condos to Be Listed for 2nd Phase Sales  [2019年11月26日]


A group of ten real estate developers including Mitsui Fudosan Residential announced that it will launch on November 22 the second phase of the sales of “HRUMI FLAG,” apartments planned for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Athlete’s Village in Harumi, Tokyo. 340 units in two zones will be listed newly. The second phase of the sales includes 119 units in three buildings in “SEA VILLAGE” and 221 units in “PARK VILLAGE.” 19 apartment buildings will be constructed for sale.
600 units have been sold at the first phase, a record number of apartments sold in Tokyo metropolitan area in 2019. HARUMI FLAG has received more than 26,000 applications since it opens an official website in October 2018. More than 7,000 groups have visited the sales center at the site since this April. The village consists of 24 buildings in total with an expected population of 12,000.