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Japan’s Engineering Consulting Firm Nippon Koei Wins Design Contract of Metro, Ring Road in India  [2020年1月22日]

Tokyo-based engineering consulting firm Nippon Koei announced that it won multiple contracts of transport infrastructure in Chennai, a southern city of India. The company will design the metro line and the ring road funded by the official development assistance of Japanese government. The total value of contract is seven billion yen. The local authorities aim to strengthen transport networks in the city taking advantages of Japanese expertise.

Nippon Koei and its local subsidiary jointly received orders of three projects; Chennai Metro Phase 2, the contract value of 5.4 billion yen, Chennai Ring Road Phase 1, 0.6 billion yen, and Chennai Transport System, 1 billion yen. The Chennai Metro plans to construct three new lines of 107.5 km, two of which are to be designed by Nippon Koei. It is expected to complete in December 2029.

The state of Tamil Nadu has hired the firm for the design of the 25 km access road to the northern fishing port. For the transport system contract, Nippon Koei will introduce expertise on maintenance and management of the transport network to the local authority as well as engineering technologies. The company will analyze the transportation data and develop the signal control system to tackle chronic traffic congestion.