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Japanese engineering consulting firm Nippon Koei Launches Website offering Climate Change Predictions for World Major Cities  [2020年2月12日]

Japanese civil engineering consulting firm Nippon Koei developed the data correction method to adjust climate change predictions for major cities in the world. The method can reduce bias by comparing the data on GCM developed by international organizations with the observed climate data and modifying the values. The firm launched a website to provide time-series predictions of the rainfall and the temperature up to 2099.

The method called“TR3S”adjusts multi-dimensional characteristics of the various data sets and can produce more accurate predictions than a conventional method which requires the analysis of a massive amount of data. The predictions can be used as the risk assessment for development of regional planning, and references for the local health, environment and agriculture industries. The company looks to exploring cross-sectional business opportunities through the website “NK Clim Vault”offering the data for free.