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Japanese Air Mobility Firm Teams Up With Contractor Obayashi to Develop Heavy Duty Drone for Construction Site  [2020年2月28日]

Tokyo-based air mobility startup SkyDrive begun development of a heavy-duty cargo drone which can deliver goods and equipment to construction sites. The firm and construction company Obayashi jointly launched testing to demonstrate the capability of the drone carrying 30kg construction materials by autonomous driving. Pre-orders have been accepted since December 2019.

SkyDrive is developing and manufacturing electric-powered vertical takeoff and landing air crafts. The first testing of “Cargo Drone,”the UAV dedicated for transport of a heavy load was carried out in Toyota city, Aichi Prefecture last December. The 1.3m long, 1.7m wide drone successfully delivered sandbags, wooden piles and tarps. It flies autonomously for as long as 15 minutes at 40km/h for 3km at longest.

The company will conduct additional tests at actual construction sites to identify specifications fit for the construction industry. Obayashi considers automation of transport of construction materials can contribute to improvement of the work safety and reduced hours of employees. (2020/02/14)