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Japanese Infrastructure Minister Allows Halt of Public Works, Extension of Work Period to Prevent COVID-19 Spread  [2020年3月18日]

Japanese Infrastructure Minister Kazuhiro Akaba held a press conference after the cabinet meeting on February 28 and announced the ministry’s measures against COVID-19 including the temporary suspension of public construction works and extension of the work deadline upon requests of contractors. The suspension period will be up to 15 days. The expenses incurred due to suspension or postponement of the construction period will be appropriately covered by the ministry according to Mr. Akaba.

The government decided on the basic policy for countermeasures against the virus infection on February 25. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe requested on the 26th the suspension or postponement of events over the risk of infection. The ministry will ask all contractors if they are willing to halt the construction. If so, the contractor will be allowed to suspend the work and change the deadline for a reason which the contractor is not responsible for. The ministry will respond appropriately to changes in contract fees and the construction period as necessary.