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Construction of Massive Development near Osaka Station To Begin in Second Half of FY2020  [2020年4月14日]

A group of nine companies led by Mitsubishi Estate will begin construction of the massive development in the north of Osaka Station in Osaka by the end of fiscal year 2020, March 2021. The plan was approved by the urban planning council of the city on March 25. The plan includes four super high rises of commercial, offices, hotels, residence and tourist attractions. The total 567,000m2 complex will complete in part in summer 2024 with expected full opening in 2027.
“Umekita Area”is a series of developments planned in the former rail yard in downtown Osaka. The second phase of the projects will be constructed in the west of Grand Front Osaka which was developed by Mitsubishi Estate and other companies and opened in 2013. The second phase includes infrastructure development being undertaken by Urban Renaissance Agency and construction of the new underground railway and the station funded by JR West and the city government.
The group of the companies including contractor Takenaka Corporation will build two towers in the 1.6 hectare northern side of the land with total 150,000m2 floor space which will have condominiums, apartments, retail shops and the hotel. In the 3 hectare land in the south, another set of two high rises, the total floor space of 320,000m2 and 93,000m2 each, will be constructed. A high-end hotel, meeting and convention facilities , offices and retail shops are part of the project.