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Japanese Contractor Toda Promotes Renewable Energy at Construction Site  [2020年5月15日]

Japanese construction company Toda Corporation and Nagoya-based electronics components maker Murata Manufacturing are aiming to develop a business scheme that combines the use of renewable energy at construction sites and the movable storage battery system. The effectiveness of using renewable energy at construction sites has been confirmed in the test being conducted in Fukushima Prefecture. The companies will add the optimal operation control based on data analysis to the battery system by the end of this year. They are also planning to expanded the experiments to nationwide and to promote the use of renewable energy at construction sites.

Last year, the two companies along with Sato Kogyo, a wholly owned subsidiary of Toda installed and tested photo voltaic panels and the storage battery systems at three construction sites in Fukushima. It features the storage battery system which can be easily relocated. The independent power supply allows the use of renewable energy at construction sites covering a wide area such as rivers and roads. The companies also introduced "All-in-One storage battery system" using Murata’s long-life, highly safe lithium-ion secondary battery. They plan to verify reduction of carbon dioxide emission through the upcoming experiments. (2020/05/07)