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Japanese Transport Minister Visited the First New Tokyo Metro Station in 56 Years  [2020年6月17日]

Japanese Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism Kazuyoshi Akaba visited Toranomon Hills Station, which is to be opened on June 6th on Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line. He also visited the Toranomon Hills Business Tower near the station, the new development by Mori Building, and looked around commercial facilities and incubation facilities.

Toranomon Hills Station is the first new station since the Hibiya Line opened in 1964. Construction will continue even after the opening, and by 2023, it will be connected to the adjacent redevelopment buildings.

“The ministry has been promoting transit oriented development. Toranomon Hills Station is a good example,”said Minister Akaba after the tour. The station was built with full barrier-free access. “The station would hopefully become a node for other developments in the surrounding area,”Mr. Akaba expressed his expectation. He also praised the business tower, referring it as "the state of the art development featuring intangible values of the urban lifestyle which I think is unique to Japanese culture.”(2020/06/08)