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Port Construction Groups Look to Inviting Skilled Workers from Vietnam  [2020年6月23日]

Five Japanese organizations in the business of port and marine construction established a council to study conditions for accepting foreign workers. The first meeting was held on June 9th, and Mr. Hiroshi Hayashida, Chairman of Federation of Japan Ports and Airports Construction Association was elected as the chairman.

As the revised immigration law added "marine civil engineering" to the occupations of the new status of residence for Specified Skilled Workers, the council will work to improve the environment for employing workers from overseas. The group plans to hold an exam for qualification outside the country for the time being and considering Vietnam as the first host country.

Offshore civil engineering is not currently included in the technical training system. It is necessary to urgently build a framework of skill training and testing overseas. A working group will be established in the council to conduct specific studies.
"Considering the future of the industry, it is important to invite foreign technicians to counter the shortage of human resources," said Mr. Hayashida at the meeting. (2020/06/11)