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Japan’s Construction Giants Kajima, Takenaka Partner in R&D  [2020年6月25日]

Japanese construction companies Kajima and Takenaka, together with two construction machinery rental companies AKTIO, and Kanamoto have developed the remote operation system for tower cranes. The system consists of a tower crane equipped with a wireless radio controlled device and cameras, and a remote control cockpit. The companies will start testing at construction sites in October, and the full-scale operation next year.

Kajima and Takenaka launched the technical partnership in the field of construction robotics and IoT last December. They announced their anticipation to welcome the participation of other companies in the industry.

"Tawa Remo" demonstrated the capability in practical use when the crane in the construction site in Nagoya was successfully operated from the cockpit in Osaka. The futuristic cockpit has a full high-definition LCD monitor showing images of the tip, front, and gauges of the crane. The average transmission delay is 0.3 seconds. It can also replicate the shaking and vibration of the tower crane in the cockpit.

Tower crane operators usually have to move up and down by a ladder to the seat up to approximately 50 meters. In addition, once the work starts, operators are not allowed to leave the seat for a day. The remote operation system is considered effective to improve the working condition, as well as for short-time work, emergency responses, and skill transfer.