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Japanese Construction Company Tackles COVID-19, Heat Wave While Continues Works  [2020年7月16日]

Japanese construction company Kajima is promoting measures against both infection of COVID-19 and heat stroke at its construction sites. Workers are required to measure temperature and to sterilize themselves before entering the site and the offices. The face recognition system identifies all workers and keep record of them. The company distributes water bottles to all workers and makes sure the workers to hydrates at breaks.

At a construction site in Yokohama, workers were disinfecting hands and soles of boots and measuring the temperature at the gate. Disinfectants were placed at the entrance and exit of the construction office. If a worker has a fever of 37 degrees or more, the worker will be taken to the negative pressure room and the manager will make sure to send him home not using the public transportation.

Workers are instructed to remove a face mask while working at the site, and encouraged to wear a face shield instead to prevent heat strokes. "COVID-19 and heat stroke are two major challenges for us this summer,”said Mr Yoshikazu Oshimi, President of Kajima.(2020/07/02)