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World's Largest Leafy Vegetable Factory Opens in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan  [2020年7月16日]

Three companies including TEPCO Energy Partner announced that they completed a factory with full artificial lighting in Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture and started operation on July 1st. Leafy vegetables such as lettuce can be produced about 5 tons per day with LED lighting, which will be the world's largest kind which grows plant with artificial lighting only. The factory is operated by a company established by TEPCO Energy Partners and two other companies, Fuyo General Lease and Tokyo-based plant factory operator Farmship in April 2019.

The facility has two stories with a total floor space of 9000 square meters. The company was able to deliver the world's largest production capacity by maximizing the cultivation space with a full use of expertise in plant factory and LED technology.

The plant factory is not likely to be affected by the weather which enables stable production. It also prevents diseases and pests and can maintain the quality of vegetables. The hygienic environment can make freshness of vegetables last long. It is expected to be useful in solving problems such as the decreasing number of farmers and low food self-sufficiency rate. (2020/7/06)