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Newly-Appointed Senior Executive of JICA Pledges to Shorten Process of ODA Loan  [2020年7月28日]

Senior Vice President of Japan International Cooperation Agency Junichi Yamada who were appointed to the position in May answered questions in the interview with the Daily Engineering & Construction News. As the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies worldwide, activities of JICA have been greatly affected in many countries. Mr. Yamada acknowledged the importance of JICA’s role in the global development aid and promised the prompt ODA process.

-What are your aspirations in the new position?

"I will try my best for developing countries. We would like to shorten the period of ODA projects which usually takes three years before starting construction. We are trying to provide ODA including grant aid and technical cooperation in a more prompt manner. Partnering with Japanese private sector, we would like to make the most of the growth of developing countries in Japan's economy. Developing countries with the increasing urban population see a strong demand for construction. JICA hopes more Japanese businesses including SMEs to be involved in construction projects overseas."

-What are your thoughts on cooperation with the private sector?

"JICA and Keidanren, Japan Business Federation created a book to introduce Japanese digital technologies and solutions for smart development combined with ODA. The study for smart buildings, digital construction, etc are listed in the book titled as "Society 5.0 for SDGs". We are considering the framework in which JICA proposes the assistance menu to developing countries and provide financial aid."

-How do you respond to the pandemic?

“Many countries consider public works as a key for economic recovery. The lockdown restrictions have stopped infrastructure development in many cities, but we can continue our activities in countries and regions where construction sites are still in operation. We hope to advance our projects with any possible measure such as online meetings.”

-Please tell us about anticipated projects in the future.

"Japan's expertise and experiences in urban railway development are useful. Transit-oriented development is one of the solutions that we are proud of. There is a great need for projects which can be operated for 20 to 30 years with a package of management and finance. We hope to propose a comprehensive business model that covers both construction and management in such sectors as water supply, airports, and roads."