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Largest Warehouse in Asia Pacific Region Completes in Hyogo Prefecture, Western Japan  [2020年7月28日]

Hong Kong-based warehouse developer ESR announced on July 8 that the 390,000 m2 multi-tenant logistics center completed in Amagasaki city, Hyogo Prefecture, which makes the largest single building warehouse in Asia Pacific region.

Designed by Taisei Corp and constructed by a group of contractors including Taisei, Haseko and Zenitaka, ESR Amagasaki Distribution Center is located in the 194,000 sqm land in suburban Osaka. The quake-resistant structure has six stories with a total floor area of 388,570 square meters. The building was introduced with state-of-the-art engineering technologies such as Taisei’s automatic lighting control and the building utilities management system.

The project “marks a milestone for ESR. We will continue to invest in advanced, modern facilities like ESR Amagasaki DC to support our global and domestic tenants,”said CEO Stuart Gibson of ESR in the statement.