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Kyoto Property Built By Obayashi Becomes First WELL Certified Hotel  [2020年8月28日]

Japanese contractor Obayashi announced on August 19th that the hotel in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto designed and constructed by the company acquired the gold level of WELL Certification, the US building performance standard aimed at health and well-being of users. According to the company, this is the first WELL certified hotel in the world.

"GOODNATURE HOTEL KYOTO" owned by Keihan Holdings is part of the commercial complex and opened in December 2019. The total floor area of the hotel is 9,730 square meters. The ventilation system and the lighting create clean and comfortable environment and help guests have a good sleep. The sophisticated design and traditional Japanese garden contributed to earning the certification. The hotel also offer unique wellness programs for guests.

As there was no WELL evaluation system for hotels, Obayashi worked with the International WELL Building Institute to establish the new version of the evaluation standard for hotels. (2020/08/20)