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Japan’s Tallest Building To Be Called “TOKYO TORCH TOWER”  [2020年9月25日]

Japanese developer Mitsubishi Estate announced the outline of Tokyo Ekimae Tokiwabashi Project near JR Tokyo Station which will include the nation’s tallest building. The development to be completed in 2027 will be called “TOKYO TORCH,”representing the idea to illuminate Japan with the light of hope. "It will be the one and only development project at the gateway to Japan," said President Junichi Yoshida of the developer at the press conference on September 17th.

The project totaling 740,000 square meters will have two high rises. "Tokiwabashi Tower" which is being constructed will be the 40-story office building with total floor area of 146,000 square meters. The other will be called "Torch Tower," the tallest building in Japan when completed. The 544,000 square meters skyscraper with a height of 390 meters will accommodate offices, shops, a conference hall with 2000 seats and a high-end hotel. The 2 kilometer aerial walkway from the 1st to 8th floors and the 2,500 square meters roof garden will also be constructed. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2023 and complete in 2027. (2020/09/18)