Kyoto University, Japanese House Builder Sumitomo Forestry Aiming to Launch Wooden Satellite in 2023

2021年1月18日 WorldWide


Kyoto University and Tokyo-based housing developer Sumitomo Forestry announced on December 23rd that they will begin a joint research on the tree growth and the use of timber in space. The research includes the study of wooden building structures as well as the evaluation of the physical characteristics of wooden materials in the space environment with an aim to gain basic knowledge for future use of wooden materials in space. The research group plans to launch the world's first wooden satellite in 2023 and to develop technologies which enable the use of wood under the extreme conditions.

The researchers will verify the use of wood in outer space through the development and operation of the wooden satellite "Ligno Sat". Since wood transmits electromagnetic waves and geomagnetism, it is considered that antennas and attitude control devices can be installed inside the wooden satellite, which can make the structure simplified. After the operation is completed, the satellite will be completely burned out when entering the atmosphere. It is said that it will lead to the development of cleaner and environmentally friendly satellites because it does not release harmful particles at reentry. (2020/12/24)