Construction Industry Responds to 2nd State of Emergency as Japan Tackles to Contain Virus

2021年1月18日 WorldWide


 In response to the nation's second state of emergency declared in Tokyo and three neigbouring prefectures on January 7th, construction companies are making decisions on their measures in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Most of the major general contractors will continue construction works with thorough measures against infection. The number of employees working from home will increase again to prevent the spread of disease in the office. In line with the government's policy on internatinal travels, some companies have prohibited employees from going overseas.

 On the morning of January 8, Shimizu Corporation notified all employees of the measures taken in response to the state of emergency. The company said that it would reduce the number of employees working at the office by 70%. Taisei Corporation has strengthened its restrictions on eating out, which is believed to be one of the major factors in the spread of infection. The company will also discuss the measures to be taken at construction sites with clients.

 Kajima plans to reduce business trips as much as possible across the country and switch to online meetings and training programs. Overseas travels will be prohibited in principal. Obayashi Corporation has tightened up its decision-making process on whether or not to travel across the country and have strengthened infection control measures in areas not covered by the declaration as well. (2021/01/12)