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Construction Job Fair for Students Hoping to Work in Japan Held in Vietnam, Cambodia  [2021年2月8日]

Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) held an online job fair in Cambodia on January 16th and in Vietnam on 17th as part of its efforts to promote the overseas expansion of small and medium-sized construction companies. With an aim to attract highly educated students, the event was held in cooperation with local engineering universities in the two countries, where a total of 251 students and 16 Japanese companies participated. Another event of the kind will be held in Myanmar on February 6th. As the events saw many enthusiastic students who hope to work in Japan, the ministry plans to continue the program next year.

 Because it is difficult for many companies to travel overseas due to the global pandemic, the ministry has prepared programs that can be implemented remotely in Japan such as online presentations by the companies.

 The first event of the kind was held in Vietnam in 2017, and this is the fourth time. National University of Civil Engineering in Hanoi was the main venue where 239 students from many colleges including Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, and Da Nang University of Technology. Eleven Japanese companies attended and made their presentations on the company profiles at a venue in Tokyo. (2021/01/21)