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Japan’s Taisei Breaks Ground to Build Office Tower in Hanoi, Vietnam  [2021年11月25日]

Japanese construction company Taisei Corporation announced on November 24 that a subsidiary of the company in Vietnam has begun construction of an office building, named tentatively as "TAISEI HANOI OFFICE TOWER” in the capital city of Hanoi. The building is designed and constructed by VINATA International, a local construction company fully owned by Taisei Corporation. The 45,600 square meters development is scheduled for completion in May 2024.

The project is located about 8 kilometers west of central Hanoi. The building will have four basement floors and 20 stories above ground. Eighteen of the floors will be occupied by offices. Retail space is planned on the lower floors, and the parking and bike parking on the four underground floors. Taisei Development Hanoi, the subsidiary established in 2020 by the Japanese construction giant aims to provide an environmentally friendly workplace. The Taisei Group will work together on investment, design and construction, and operation.

Taisei Corporation has positioned real estate development business as one of the priority areas in its medium-term management plan starting in fiscal 2021. With the project in Hanoi as its flagship, the company intends to accelerate its overseas development business, especially in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. (2021/11/25)