Japanese Construction Company Shimizu Testing E-Scooter at Site

2022年3月10日 WorldWide


Japanese construction company Shimizu Corporation has begun testing of electric kick scooters at civil engineering construction site in Fukuoka City. Five units have been used to reduce the workload of employees working on the vast site. After verifying the effectiveness of the rides through daily transportation, the company plans to increase the number of the scooters introduced at the site.

The testing is part of efforts to improve the efficiency of on-site operations and the working environment. Fukuoka-based mobility startup “mobby ride” has supplied the e-scooters since last September.

At the site, rainwater drainage tunnel leading to Hakata Bay are being constructed 20 meters underground at the former Kyusyu University site. The construction work using a mud-pressure shield with a diameter of 3,000 mm extends approximately 477 meters, including the curved section. The starting shaft is located about a kilometer from the site office. The employees who make frequent round-trips to and from the site say, "It's fast and easy to get to and from the tunneling site." (2022/02/24)