Japanese Research Body Proposes 400 billion yen undersea rail tunnel between Kansai and Kobe Airports

2022年4月8日 WorldWide


A committee of the Tokyo-based multi-sectoral research body Japan Project Industry Council, or JAPIC, proposed 12 national projects in the field of infrastructure at the symposium held in Tokyo on March 9th. From the viewpoint of creating safe, secure, and sustainable society, the committee listed such projects as an underwater railway directly connecting Kansai International Airport and Kobe Airport, and a new airport in northern Okinawa. The details of the plans will be compiled for each project, and the committee will urge related public and private organizations to realize these plans.

The aim of the project is to enhance the functions of Kobe Airport and the integrated operation of the three airports in Kansai region. The project includes the second and the third phase construction at Kansai International Airport, internationalization of Kobe Airport, the extension of the runway at Kobe Airport and construction of a new railway to Kobe Airport.

As part of the access rail system for Kobe Airport, the committee also proposed the construction of an undersea tunnel that would allow passengers to travel to and from Kansai International Airport in about 15 minutes. If the tunnel is constructed as a double-track railroad with a diameter of 12.2 meters and a length of approximately 23 kilometers, the project could cost up to 400 billion yen. (2022/03/10)