Tokyo Metro Government to begin installment of smart water meters

2022年4月8日 WorldWide


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will begin full-scale introduction of smart water meters in 2022. It will install 30,000 smart meters by the end of fiscal 2022, and 130,000 by 2024. The aim is to install them in all 7.8 million users by 2030. At the same time, a smartphone application will be developed to improve customer service. Because smart meters are expensive, however, cost verification will be necessary in the future.

Smart water meters are equipped with communication devices. Water consumption data can be read without having to go to the customer's site. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will first introduce the smart meters in Nishi-Shinjuku, Toyosu (Koto-ku), and Tachikawa City areas, as well as in the public housing and schools.

In October, Tokyo will release a smartphone app that will allow customers to pay bills, complete move-in procedures, and check water usage. Automatic meter reading will begin simultaneously. The aim is to streamline the meter reading, which is currently outsourced to the private sector. The challenge is the high cost of smart meters. Compared to existing mechanical meters, the cost is said to be four to five times higher. (2022/04/06)