Japanese construction company Shimizu will cooperate with Indonesian University in Soil and Groundwater Remediation Project

2022年7月8日 WorldWide


Japanese construction company Shimizu Corporation will launch an industry-academia joint project for soil and groundwater remediation in Indonesia. The company signed a technical exchange agreement with Bandung Institute of Technology in Indonesia, and held a workshop at the campus in Bandung, West Java on June 17 to exchange views on future collaboration.

In Indonesia, contamination caused by oil and gas drilling and oil spills, and environmental pollution caused by mercury used in unauthorized gold drilling have become social problems. The government has been strengthening its policy response to contaminated soil and groundwater remediation, including the promulgation of the Guidelines for the Recovery of Soil Contaminated by Hazardous Waste in 2018.

In order to contribute to the improvement of the soil and groundwater environment, Shimizu Corporation, in cooperation with Bandung Institute of Technology, is considering the use of its soil cleaning technology and in-situ soil and groundwater remediation technology. The aim of the workshop is to verify the applicability of these technologies in soil and groundwater environments that are different from those in Japan, and to realize the project to improve the environment in contaminated areas.

The workshop was held to share information on environmental remediation technologies and environment-related legal systems. The university presented information on the current situation of hazardous waste contamination, and Shimizu presented information on its soil and groundwater remediation technology. (2022/06/27)