Japan’s OKI Completes Nation’s First Net-Zero-Energy-Certified Factory in Saitama Prefecture

2022年7月21日 WorldWide


Oki Electric Industry has inaugurated a new H1 Building, the flagship factory of the company's digital transformation strategy at Honjo Plant in Saitama Prefecture. The two-story, steel structure building has a total floor space of 18,838 square meters. The number of employees will be approximately 400. The total construction cost is six billion yen. The building was constructed based on the concept of "connecting to people, the community, the environment, and management”. Taisei Corporation was in charge of design and construction.

The facility was constructed as ZEF, Net Zero Energy Factory, a factory version of Taisei's ZEB. This is the first large-scale production facility in Japan to be certified as a ZEB. The air conditioning, ventilation, and lighting are controlled according to the production status to save energy.

OKI President Takahiro Mori said, "It is necessary to improve and reform production facilities to meet the needs of the times. The new plant will operate as a smart factory, and under OKI's new DX strategy, we will provide the technologies and services proven in the plant.” He also presented the company’s outlook for the future, saying, "In the future, we also plan to upgrade other factories as smart factories in order to increase resilience.” (2022/07/07)