Japanese Construction Company Kajima Opens Museum for Concrete Technologies in Tokyo

2023年4月25日 WorldWide


Japanese construction company Kajima opened a center to offer information on concrete technologies at its Technical Research Institute in Chofu City, Tokyo. Various concrete technologies that contribute to a low-carbon society are on display, including CO2-SUICOM, a carbon-negative concrete that absorbs carbon dioxide while hardening, and cement-based 3D printing concrete. The center is an interactive exhibition where visitors can actually see, touch and learn deeper.

The museum, KAJIMA CONCRETE BASE, is an exhibition space with a large concrete table in the center and video projection. The introduction of the facility, the history of concrete, and the technologies are presented with panels and photographs. On the walls surrounding the concrete table, a large, impressive photograph of each technology is displayed. Beneath the photo, a booklet introducing the technology, its materials, and the actual products are displayed. Visitor can also learn from a video explaining the technology at the table.

When building the center, efforts were made to reduce CO2 emissions. The sidewalk leading to the entrance is paved with blocks made with CO2-SUICOM. Compared to conventional concrete, the new blocks reduced CO2 emissions by approximately 3.3 tons.

A special website for the center has also been launched on the company's official website. An online museum of the exhibition has been set up on the site, and visitors can tour the facilities online from anywhere in the world. (2024/04/13)