380,000-square meter New Development Unveiled Near Narita International Airport

2024年5月21日 WorldWide


Tokyo-based developer Kyosei Bank announced the master plan for its new multipurpose complex, "GATEWAY NARITA," in Narita City, Chiba Prefecture. The development will occupy approximately 45.6 hectares adjacent to Narita International Airport, with a total floor area of about 380,000 square meters.

The centerpiece of the complex will be "DigiDome," a spherical entertainment facility entirely covered in LED screens. The development will also feature commercial facilities, hotels, and a research and development center. The project aims to attract 4 million visitors annually, with the opening of the DigiDome and commercial facilities slated for the end of March 2027. Details regarding the architects and construction companies involved remain undecided.

During a press conference in Tokyo on the same day, the master plan was revealed, with the concept focusing on realizing the "Japanese Food Valley" initiative. The development aims to capture the next generation of mega-trends in urban planning.

The DigiDome, serving as the landmark, will be an entertainment facility with a 6,000 square meter LED screen surface. The arena within will have seating for over 5,000 spectators.

The hotel will be equipped with large digital displays in guest rooms to allow guests to enjoy content from the DigiDome. The R&D complex will function as a Food Tech Innovation Center to support the expansion of Japanese food exports, featuring international conference halls, exhibition spaces, and a kitchen studio capable of live streaming. (2024/05/10)