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Tokyo Govt. Drops Plan to Build Three Olympic Venues  [2014年9月24日]

Tokyo Metropolitan Government mapped out a policy to halt plans to build three sports venues for the 2020 Olympic Games out of initially planned 10 facilities. The plan to build Yumenoshima Youth Plaza Arena A and B, a site for badminton and basketball with an initial price tag of 36.4 billion yen, will be replaced by alternatives such as using existing facilities. The 10 billion yen Wakasu Olympic Marina is also subject to reconsideration due to lack of demand after the games.

Tokyo will look to reducing the construction cost of the Olympic Aquatics Center planned in Koto-ku from currently estimated 32.1 billion yen as well as other facilities including the 17.7 billion yen Ariake Arena. Governor Yoichi Masuzoe revealed the idea of revising the venue plan due to rising material and labor cost in June. Photo: The Olympic Aquatics Center in the Tokyo’s candidature file (2014/09/02)