Taisei, Toyohashi University of Technology Unveil World’s First Battery-less Electric Vehicle

2016年4月4日 WorldWide


Japanese construction giant Taisei Corp. and Toyohashi University of Technology successfully conducted the driving test of an electric vehicle without battery. The small EV run on the 30 meter paved course in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, self-charging wirelessly from the road surface. Professor Takashi Ohashi said this would possibly be the first case that the battery-less EV run on the road outside.

Charging through tires and wheels through electric steel plates embedded on the road, the EV can drive longer distance without charging or replacement of the battery.

The company and the university will cooperate in development of charging system and electricity collecting devices, safety technologies, and low-cost electrified roads, aiming to conduct an experiment on dedicated vehicle roads in 2022. (2016/03/14)