Japanese Infrastructure Ministry Reveals Its First Infrastructure Export Action Plan

2016年4月20日 WorldWide


Japanese Infrastructure ministry established the first action plan targeting at 2020 to promote strategic infrastructure export by Japanese private sector. Identifying potential projects that Japanese firms will likely win throughout Asia and Africa, the plan proposes strategic approaches for relevant industries including construction businesses.

Japan has set a goal to double the value of overseas infrastructure development contracts won by Japanese companies to 30 billion yen by 2020. The plan stipulates ten categories of major strategies, including strengthened assistance to construction companies looking to expanding overseas businesses. The ministry suggests the importance of participation in new project delivery schemes such as Public Private Partnership and Construction Management.

The overseas projects identified in the plan includes Vietnam’s North-South high speed railway, Hanoi urban railway No.1 and 2, Ho Chi Minh urban railway No.1 and 3A, Lac Huyen Port development and operation, Hanoi’s Yen Sa Sewer development, BRT operation in Bin Duong and underground development in Ho Chi Minh. Myanmar’s railway and expressway construction and urban development in Yangon, and India’s high speed railway are part of the plan as well. In Africa, the ministry considers projects such as Mombasa Port development in Kenya and Egypt’s Cairo subway project as possible opportunities. (2016/03/25)