Japan’s Obayashi Applies Green Technologies, Low-Carbon Concrete, Recycled Piles to Warehouse Building in Tokyo

2016年7月15日 WorldWide


Japanese contractor Obayashi Corp. has introduced multiple green technologies to a large-scaled logistics facility being built in Ota-ku, Tokyo. To meet the employer’s demand for environment-friendly building, such technologies as low-carbon concrete and recycled foundation piles are being used. The 171,300m2 Tokyo Ryutsu Center Distribution Center is slated to complete in June 2017.

Low-carbon concrete, “Clean Crete” developed by Obayashi in 2010 is made of cement mostly originated from industrial byproducts such as blast furnace slag. 33,000m3 of Clean Crete, the largest amount in one building will be placed under the seismic isolators, which is expected to reduce CO2 emission by 5,600 ton.(2016/06/14)