Le Corbusier’s National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo To Be Listed in World Heritage of UNESCO

2016年8月18日 WorldWide


Seventeen buildings worldwide including a museum in Tokyo designed by renowned architect Le Corbusier are to be listed in the World Heritage of UNESCO. National Museum of Western Art in Ueno, the only structure by the architect in Japan was built in 1959, detail-designed by three Japanese apprentices; Kunio Maekawa, Junzo Sakakura and Takamasa Yoshizaka. Shimizu Corp. was responsible for construction.

The 4,181m2 museum was retrofitted with seismic isolators by Shimizu in 1998. President of Shimizu Kazuyuki Inoue said, “It was such an honor and pleasure for the builder. It is our devotion to structures that we can take our pride in.” (2016/7/19)