Obayashi Breaks Ground to Build 14.5 MW Wood Biomass Plant in Yamanashi Prefecture

2016年8月23日 WorldWide


A subsidiary of Japanese construction giant Obayashi Corp. broke ground on August 3 to build the nation’s largest in scale biomass power station using domestic wood chips as resources in Otsuki City, Yamanashi Pref. The 14.5 mega-watt plant is designed and constructed by Obayashi with inauguration expected in August 2018. The 10 billion yen project is the first feed-in-tariff wood biomass power generation operated by a construction company.

Vice President of Obayashi Shozo Harada said the company hoped to contribute to the local community in Otsuki, while Governor of Yamanashi Prefecture Hitoshi Goto expressed his expectation that the project would use forest resources effectively and strengthen the local forestry industry.

The company will procure 150,000 ton wood for energy resources including thinning timber produced in the region. The plant will generate electricity equal to annual consumption of some 30,000 households. As renewable energy is considered one of the growing sectors of its businesses, Obayashi Corp. is exploring several other possibilities of wood biomass plants in the country. (2015/08/04)