Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Instructs Productivity Revolution at Construction Site

2016年9月20日 WorldWide


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe directed on September 12 to initiate productivity enhancement in the construction sector to the Council on Investments for the Future, which was launched to implement the nation’s growth strategy. Infrastructure Minister Keiichi Ishii announced a plan at the council chaired by Mr. Abe to increase by 20% the productivity of construction sites by 2025, promoting the ministry’s policy “i-Construction,” which aims to make good use of ICT in construction and engineering introducing surveying drones and three-dimensional data.

As the ministry has mandated ICT-integrated earthworks in the large-scaled public works, adaptation of ICT will be encouraged to such works as bridges, tunnels and dams as well as maintenance works within three years. It is also intended that the 3D data of construction acquired through public works will be disclosed for public and private use. A consortium of relevant authorities, businesses and academia is soon to be established to discuss the implementation of “i-Construction.” (2016/09/13)