Japanese Contractor Takenaka Corp. Launch Subsidiary in Vietnam

2017年3月29日 WorldWide


Japan’s leading builder Takenaka Corp. announced that it established a subsidiary Vietnam Takenaka which is based in Ho Chi Minh City. The company’s eighth branch in Asia aims at six billion yen in sales in fiscal 2019, attracting orders from Japanese manufacturing businesses in Vietnam as well as undertaking maintenance and repair works.

Vietnam Takenaka, established on February 27 with capital of 800 million yen is expected to receive construction business permit from the authority in June. Takenaka has launched an outlet in Singapore in 2013 which oversees its business in Asia. With Vietnamese subsidiary added to existing offices in Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and China, the company will strengthen its service to their clients which are expanding networks in the region. (2017/03/16)