Japan’s IHI Launches Smart Community in Fukushima Prefecture

2018年4月18日 WorldWide


Japanese engineering giant IHI launched the smart community in Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture, intending to integrate solar power generation with community-led business development. The opening ceremony was held on April 4 at Soma IHI Green Energy Center with Mayor Tachiya Hidekiyo of Soma City and the company’s executives attending.
Electricity generated by the 1.6 MW solar power station at the 5.4-hectare center will be delivered to the municipal sewer treatment plant, while surplus energy will be used for experimental projects such as hydrogen production and dehydration of sewage sludge. It is expected to create CO2-free sustainable community by taking advantages of hydrogen technologies. Developing a community-based business model, the company hopes to play a part in economic revitalization of the 2011 disaster-hit region. (2018/04/06)