Japan-China-Korea Business Summit Takes Place in Tokyo

2018年5月15日 WorldWide


Business leaders of Japan, China and South Korea issued a joint statement on May 9 at Japan-China-Korea Business Summit which was held in Tokyo, stipulating importance of infrastructure development for inclusive growth in Asia. The business community of the countries agreed to strengthen physical, system, and human connectivity through collaboration, stating “we must steadily build and create enough quality infrastructure.” The statement was submitted to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and leaders of China and South Korea.

At the business summit, Vice President of Keidanren, Japan Business Federation, Takashi Yamauchi, Chairman of Taisei Corp. said that it was extremely important that the three countries integrate their advantages such as advanced technology, cost-competitiveness and human capacity with collaboration in high-quality infrastructure development. Constructive cooperation among the countries is required to meet booming demand for infrastructure in Asia estimated at 1.7 trillion dollars per year, Mr. Yamauchi said as well. (2018/05/14)